Freedom Partners Regional

Who We Are

Freedom Partners is an EB-5 Regional Center, providing developers and Investors with a fully integrated full-service approach to accessing EB-5 capital for their development projects. Our team along with, our network of regional centers, and overseas partners we seek to provide developers and investors with an efficient assessment of commercial and residential projects. Investors that participate in projects sponsored by the regional center will be provide access to EB-5 opportunities for investment located throughout the Midwest in the United States.

Freedom Partners specializes in identifying and underwriting EB-5 compliant projects. Our team seeks to identify, underwrite and/or structure EB-5 projects sourcing capital to qualified development projects with the goal of creating US jobs. In addition, Freedom’s investor relations capabilities, if engaged, will provide EB-5 developers and investors with a best-in-class level of service and transparency on par with that provided to certain institutional stakeholders.